“comm. arch. RESERVE” is another special line of comm. arch., which is made by a hand frame knitter.

Comm. arch. started as a Japanese men’s Knitwear brand from 2014AW. Its women’s line started from 2017AW and now cut and sews and woven fabric items are added to its collection. The brand is directed by Joe Mc and its collection is made by all skillful and precious craftsmen such as hand knitters, weavers and dyers etc. across Japan.

A small family business, H. ROBINSON KNITTING MILLS was closed in early 80’s in North England.

Nowadays, it is said that the domestic self-sufficiency rate of knitwear in Japan is less than 1%. Joe Mc runs his fashion brand on his own. However, for his own mission as a Japanese fashion designer, He visits a lot of existing skillful craftsmen across Japan one by one such as knitwear manufactures, weavers, dyers to ask for their cooperation to create his fashion collections. He thinks that it is the only way to stop them going out of business.
Now he asks a lot of craftsmen in a different field across Japan to manufacture a couple of styles each, for example, hand knitters who have been working at home for years, small knitwear factories and weavers ran by a family etc. To hold back the skillful craftsmen in our creative country.

Joe Mc is a fashion designer who loves the natural material. He searches the material in the best quality across the world, then works with yarn spinners, weavers, dyers etc. A lot of existing knitwear manufactures, sewing factories support him as well. His aim is not only to produce the high-quality clothing but also to make consumers happy with variety of potentials of products at down to earth prices.

Joe mc graduated from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Designs in London as the first-class student in 2007. He was selected by John Galliano and worked as a knitwear designer for John Galliano and Christian Dior in Paris After moving back to Japan in 2009, he worked as a knitwear designer at several design companies and the Japanese agent of imported fashion brands. He worked as a designer, a buyer and a salesman, then from 2014AW he started the men’s knitwear brands “comm. arch.” and “H. ROBINSON KNITTING”. Besides that, a lot of craftsmen across Japan, such as weavers, dyers in a different scale of knitwear and sewing factories. By receiving a lot of cooperation from those skillful craftsmen in Japan, he pursues its potential which has never seen.