18SS comm. arch. Photo Shooting

18SS comm. arch. のチラ見せです。
店頭での展開は1年先ですが(汗) 楽しみにしてお待ちくださいませ。

Giving a little look of 18SS comm. arch. collection.
We worked with the best team for this photo shooting so they all look great.
All of items are knitted on the knitting machine and used tricot fabricts.
You will see those items in a year (!) but please loook forward to it…



CLUEL 6月号掲載

5月12日発売のCLUELで、comm. arch. のSUMMER BELGIUM WAFFLE S/S 掲載して頂いております。
台東区のセレクトショップ、WEEKENDER SHOP のご紹介です。

The fashion magazine CLUEL shows the item from comm. arch. , SUMMER BELGIUM WAFFLE S/S.
The shop called WEEKENDER SHOP in Taito-ku introduced this item.
They are very family-like and have got from clothing to imported interiors so you will feel like doing ” tresure hunting”.
Please check them out!

cluelUntitled-1 copy


Hand Frame Knitter for comm. arch.

GW明けてすぐ、国内某所のハンドフレーム(手横編み機)の職人のもとへ伺いました。comm. arch. のすべてのハンドフレームアイテムをご制作いただいている職人さんです。
comm. arch. のニット1枚を作るために、日本の職人がどれだけ時間をかけているのか、自分自身が思い知らされた時間でした。
17aw でも多くの量を編んでいただく職人さんです。
After GW, I visited the hand frame knitter in Japan, who knits all the hand framed knitwear of comm. arch.
From knitting to replacing each loop to shape as a garment, and pick up each loop to link all the parts, then get rid of yarn ends…. a lot of hand work is needed to complete one comm. arch. knitwear.
It was just overwhelming.
They knit a lot of garments for 17aw comm. arch. as well.
It was amazing to see such a lot of artizan’s hand work makes up 1 garment and they are all very time consuming!!


Japanese Aizen Dyer for comm. arch. 18SS

本日は、国内某所の本藍染職人に、18SS comm. arch. への製作ご協力のお願いにあがりました。
comm. arch. は主に今までニット職人さんにご協力を頂いておりましたが、ご縁がある様々な職人さんとお仕事をできればと思っております。

I visited a Japanese indigo dyer (Aizen) today for his cooperation for 18ss comm. arch. collection.
This dyer took over his father’s task and now is working on his own. All of his work is done by hand without any machines and he dyes at lease 10 times to complete 1 garment. Therefore he can finish only 20 – 30 garments dyeing a day.
It does not sound very efficient but is the one of the most precious Japanese traditional craftsmanship.
Our brand, comm. arch. has mainly been working with skilled knitters but would love to work with craft men from all the different fields.IMG_6947 IMG_6950IMG_6948IMG_6953


17SS version of HP is now open!

Untitled-2 copy

Joe Mcのホームページが17SSバージョンになりました。


The homepage of Joe Mc has been renewed as 17SS.

The cotton knit styles of comm. arch. has been very popular as well as the tricot shirt, which is the very new item.
Please check the website and stockists!