Japanese Aizen Dyer for comm. arch. 18SS

本日は、国内某所の本藍染職人に、18SS comm. arch. への製作ご協力のお願いにあがりました。
comm. arch. は主に今までニット職人さんにご協力を頂いておりましたが、ご縁がある様々な職人さんとお仕事をできればと思っております。

I visited a Japanese indigo dyer (Aizen) today for his cooperation for 18ss comm. arch. collection.
This dyer took over his father’s task and now is working on his own. All of his work is done by hand without any machines and he dyes at lease 10 times to complete 1 garment. Therefore he can finish only 20 – 30 garments dyeing a day.
It does not sound very efficient but is the one of the most precious Japanese traditional craftsmanship.
Our brand, comm. arch. has mainly been working with skilled knitters but would love to work with craft men from all the different fields.IMG_6947 IMG_6950IMG_6948IMG_6953