Nomad Fisherman’s Jumper

17aw comm. arch. から、NOMAD FISHERMAN’S JUMPER のご紹介です。comm. arch. では過去に試みたことがない、英国羊毛でガッチリ複雑に編んだフィッシャーマンズセーター。素材、糸の番手、ニットの機械が見事にバッチリ相性が合い、あまり見ることの無いしっかりさで編み上がっております。伝統的なフィッシャーマンセータの模様を更に作り込んで複雑にし、nomad(遊牧民)が着ているような少々ゆったり、裾にリブが無くストンと落ちるシルエットです。ぜひお試し下さい!

Here is the introduction of NOMAD FISHERMAN’S JUMPER from comm. arch. 17aw.We have never tried this kind of heavy and coarse fisherman’s sweater in british wool in the past.The material, the count of the yarn and the knitting machine, all matched very well and made a jumper which is very tightly and heavily knitted. The pattern is from some traditional fisherman’s sweater but made into more complicated and the silhouette is like a momadic people’s costume, which is wide and stright without ribs. Please try it on at out stockists!_0959_0966_0927Untitled-1 copy