Hand Knitted V-Neck P/O

comm. arch. 17aw から、HAND KNITTED V-NECK P/Oのご紹介です。
今では市場でほとんど目にすることが無くなってしまった国産の手編みニット。創業当初から、comm. arch. は時代に逆行することを試みております。

Here is the introduction of HAND KNITTED P/O from comm. arch. 17aw. Nowadays, we rarely see any jumpers hand knitted in Japan in our market. We have been challenging for that since comm. arch. started.
This wool linen yarn is knitted 6 ends together in a tight tension by hand. Its texture cannot be made by machines but only by hands.
We do not know how long we could do this as there are only a few old hand knitters left.
Please try it on at our stockists!

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