18aw show has started !

comm. arch. 18aw展が先週より始まっております。
18awから、従来の[ comm. arch. ]に加え、
[ comm. arch. RESERVE ] という新しいラインがメンズ、ウィメンズ共に増えました。
We, comm. arch. has started the selling show of 18aw from last week.
From 18aw, we added the new line called “comm. arch. RESERVE”, which is more focused on the best of best material in the world and the top of the top knitter in Japan.
We cannot mass produce the items of this line so the quantity of the production is totally limited and all are very preciosly made.
You will see them at our stockists around September this year so look forward to it!
18aw comm. arch. 展示会ご案内状_A7N8789_A7N8688