Linen Shirt S/S

comm. arch. 19SS Men’sWomen’s から、LINEN SHIRT L/Sのご紹介です。

SSニットでもお馴染みのフレンチリネンを尾州の旧織機でゆっくり柔らかく織り上げた、comm. arch. 初の織生地アイテムです。柔らかいく落ち感があるのに、目が詰まっていて頼りがいのあるアイテムに仕上がっています。メンズ、レディースの展開です。


Here is the introduction of LINEN SHIRT L/S from comm. arch. 19SS Men’s and Women’s.

The material is French linen in the very high quality, which we use a lot in Summer and the old weaver in Bisyu area wove slowly and tightly for us. It feels very soft with drapes but woven tightly so you can put this on everyday.

We have Men’s and Women’s, so please try it on at our stockists!