Brushing process of 19AW comm. arch.

関東は梅雨明け直前ですが、 comm. arch. 19AWニット製品の仕上げに入り始めました。
起毛加工職人に、comm. arch. Reserve Womens のモヘヤニットを、1枚ずつ丁寧に起毛をかけて頂きます。


The rainy season hasn’t ended yet in Tokyo but we are already in the process of brushing 19AW knitwear. The craftsman work on one by one brushing knitwear on the machine and it takes half an hour to finish one garment. The items of comm. arch. are made from a lot of skillful craftman’s cooperation.

Please look forward to them which will be at our stockists from September.