Knitted Seersucker / Linen Trousers



Knitted Seersucker Trousers… シアサッカー地をあえてニットで編んだトリコット生地のシアサッカーです。日本で数台しか無い、極細番手の糸を編む機械でシボを出しながら編んだ、ストレッチの効いた不思議なシアサッカー。これからの時期にピッタリです。



Linen Easy Trousers… comm. arch. 初の織地アイテムになります。ニットでも多様しているフレンチリネンを旧織機でゆっくり、柔らかく織り上げました。素材感の良さが見て、着て頂ければわかる一品です。




Here is the introduction of 2 styles of trousers, which have been very popular these seasons.


Knitted Seersucker Trousers… This seersucker is knitted rather than woven with a special tricot machine only a couple of factories in Japan possess. The machine knits super fine yarns with waves like seersucker fabrics. The smallest size named “2” can be worn by women in a very beautiful silhouette.


Linen Easy Trousers… This is the 1st item with a woven fabric from comm. arch.. The material is French linen which we use a lot for summer knit, and woven on the very old loom very slowly and softly. You can feel how good the material is by looking at the photos and actually put them on.


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Cotton Cash Rib S/S

comm. arch. 19SS Women’s より COTTON CASH RIB S/Sのご紹介です。



Here is the introduction of COTTON CASH RIB S/S from comm. arch. 19SS Women’s. The material is 20% cashmere mixed in cotton. You will see how smooth this cashmere is when you touch the fabric and actually put it on. You can wash it at home so it will be a very useful item even during summer. Please try it on at out stockists!



Linen Shirt S/S

comm. arch. 19SS Men’sWomen’s から、LINEN SHIRT L/Sのご紹介です。

SSニットでもお馴染みのフレンチリネンを尾州の旧織機でゆっくり柔らかく織り上げた、comm. arch. 初の織生地アイテムです。柔らかいく落ち感があるのに、目が詰まっていて頼りがいのあるアイテムに仕上がっています。メンズ、レディースの展開です。


Here is the introduction of LINEN SHIRT L/S from comm. arch. 19SS Men’s and Women’s.

The material is French linen in the very high quality, which we use a lot in Summer and the old weaver in Bisyu area wove slowly and tightly for us. It feels very soft with drapes but woven tightly so you can put this on everyday.

We have Men’s and Women’s, so please try it on at our stockists!



Milan Rib Selvedge S/S

comm. arch. 19SS Mens から、MILAN RIB SELVEDGE S/Sのご紹介です。




Here is the introduction of MILAN RIB SELVEDGE S/S from 19SS comm. arch. Men’s line.

The style with long sleeves has been very popular and this short sleeve style is also doing very well. Its fabric is knitted in tight tension so looks quite tough but there are much fewer sewing stitches than ordinary cut & sewn items. Therefore, it looks quite elegant rather than casual.

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Hand Framed Linen C/D

comm. arch. 19SS Women’s から、HAND FRAMED LINEN C/Dのご紹介です。



Here is the introduction of HAND FRAMED LINEN C/D from 19SS comm. arch. Women’s.

This style was very popular in 18SS as well. This short sleeved cardigan was very slowly knitted by skillful hand frame knitters in Japan. Usually machine knitted linen jumpers are quite sensitive and sheer but this item is very tightly knitted so feels very unusual.

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