Hand Framed Mohair C/D

19AW comm. arch. Womens からHand Framed Mohair C/Dのご紹介です。

Womens アイテムでご好評頂いているモヘヤプルオーバーにカーディガンが加わりました。





Here is the introduction of HAND FRAMED MOHAIR C/D from 19AW comm. arch. The mohair pull-over has been very popular and the cardigan style has joined.

The material of the mixture of kid mohair, wool and alpaca without any synthetic fibers.

Then very precious hand frame knitters in northern Japan knit each sweater and the experienced brushers worked on them that is why the surface is so fluffy.

7 colours available.

(Each stockist sell different colours so if you are interested, please contact us! )