Chunky Silk Noil P/O

20SS comm. arch. Women’sから、CHUNKY SILK NOIL P/Oのご紹介です。



This is the introduction of CHUNKY SILK NOIL P/O from 20SS comm. arch. Women’s.

This item is very good for the temperature now, is a middle gauged summer knitwear with short sleeves.




The material is called “recycle silk”. When the smooth luxury silk yarn is spun, the fibers of silk falls, then gather the fibers and spun the yarn again, which is the recycle silk yarn.

The recycle silk yarn looks quite different to what we generally call “the silk”. It has an uneven and matt surface rather than straight and shiny. The element gives you a good casual impression.




Personally, I like this material and knitted fabric the best among the items of 20SS.

Again, it does not look silk, but the fabric gives a little bit of a moisture feeling.



We send the yarns to exceedingly rare hand frame knitters in northern Japan.

They knitted very slowly and made a garment, then send it to the dyers to dye each piece.

This item looks very simple but a lot of skillful people worked on each piece.



The silhouette is like a poncho which has a body and sleeves in one fabric.



The hem in front and back has a little bit of gap with a slit on both sides.

色は3色展開です。左からCREAM、LT. CLOUDS、DEEP OCEAN(←サンプルありません。)



3 colours available, from left; CREAM, LT. CLOUDS and DEEP OCEAN.

(We have not got a sample in DEEP OCEAN, we are very sorry! )

Please try them on at our stockists!