comm. arch. 21SS展

7月から開催される、comm. arch. 21SS展のご案内状とルックブックを、各お取扱店様へ発送致しました。






そんな中でも、私が2014年から手探りで作り上げてきたcomm. arch. の、ちいさな存在意義や存在理由を心の支えとし、またそれを向かう先に見える光として見失わないように作業を進めて参りました。

comm. arch. 21SSも、ブランドが得意とする、国内の良い素材で熟練の職人にご製作頂いたコレクションになります。しかし、今回は先に述べたような状況下において、とても強い「念」や「心緒」を一点一点に込めました。後にも先にも、このような精神状態でものづくりをすることは、なかなか無いかと思います。試行錯誤を繰り返し、程良い塩梅で完成したもの、力が入りすぎて「アレレ?」だけれど、あえて残したもの、様々ございます。

それぞれのアイテムに込められたものを見つけ、感じて頂くことも、comm. arch. 21SSをご覧頂く楽しみにして頂ければ幸いです。



気分が晴れない中でも、季節はとどまらずに移りゆきます。それをcomm. arch. の洋服に袖を通すことで感じて頂き、一瞬でも心が軽くなるようでしたら嬉しいです。






Hope all of you reading this message have been well during this horrible pandemic of COVID- 19.

I was working on my own to make the new collection of 21SS comm. arch. during the declaration of a state of emergency for 2 months, from April to June. During the time, I had a lot of feelings and thoughts mixed up, which I have never had. I heard that a lot of my stockists were horribly affected but could not help them very well. At the same time, I was very scared of the unknown viruses spread very rapidly across Japan. I was also worried if I should or could have the show of comm. arch. 21SS in July. More or less, a lot of people were feeling the same, I guess.

However, I tried not to lose the significance of existence and the reasons why I have been working on my clothing brand, “comm. arch” since 2014. I tried to see those things as a small light ahead in the darkness.


The collection of 21SS comm. arch. is as good quality as always made by the skillful factory in the best materials. Besides that, I put strong senses, emotions, and hope in each item under this horrible condition of COVID-19. I guess I have never worked on my collection in those feelings in the past or will never in the future. Some items are very well done after re-think and re-made; some are over worked but I left as they are on purpose. It will be fun for you to find those kind of strong thoughts or senses in each item of 21SS comm. arch.


It will take more time for us to get back to our normal life. However, the seasons come and go even during this disaster. I hope you will find a little bit of relief or happiness in those transitions by putting on the clothes I make.


Let’s beat and defeat fXXking COVID 19 by taking care of ourselves in the correct ways!!!