Cool Seersucker Easy Trousers

20SS comm. arch. Men’s から、COOL SEERSUCKER EASY TROUSERSのご紹介です。

既出のCOOL SEERSUCKER S/S SHIRTと同素材、セットアップのアイテムです。


Here is the introduction of COOL SEERSUCKER EASY TROUSERS from 20SS comm. arch. Men’s. Its fabric is the same one as the COOL SEERSUCKER S/S SHIRT introduced one before.

ポリエステル74%、コットン26%で、comm. arch. アイテムの中では珍しく化繊が多いアイテムで、この混率はスポーツウェアに近く、真夏用のアイテムです。


The material composition is 74% polyester and 26% cotton, which is rare for comm. arch. items. This composition is often seen in sport gears and summer items.



comm. arch. 得意の「重箱の隅」技法です。




When we introduced the shirt, we did not show the photos taken very closely to the fabric so please check it out. It has subtle stripes.

As already mentioned, it gets dried very quickly therefore this item is so comfy in this heat.

Personally, I wear the items in this fabric every day and it makes me think that comm. arch. definitely need some “summer items”.




This is its front. The fabric composition is very sporty and the style is easy trousers but we tried to make them look very mature and clean by using less sewing parts.




Here is the inside of the trousers.

We put the inside button so you will feel some stability as worn. Besides that, we put some piping on the seem you can see.


バックポケットにも特徴があります。これは、comm. arch.のパンツのバックポケットは全てこんな感じですが、ポケット口が「八の字」なんです。ポケットに手を入れた際の角度を考慮しているのですが、見た目のアクセントでもあります。


Its back pockets are slightly designed as well with a little bit of angle.

It is considered the angle of a hand you put in the pocket.




着用した人だけが気がつくような、「重箱の隅を突っつく」仕様が色々あるのがcomm. arch. の特徴です。


Finally, the hems.

One hem in the photo is folded but this bit is attached separately. (It is very tough to explain…)

Therefore, it looks better than the ordinary hem folded.


色は3色展開で、左から、SKINS(ベージ)、DEEP FOREST(カーキ)、DEEP OCEAN(ネイビー) です。



3 colours available, from left; SKINS, DEEP FOREST and DEEP OCEAN.