Cool Seersucker S/S Shirt

20SS comm. arch. Men’s から、COOL SEERSUCKER S/S SHIRT のご紹介です。



Here is the introduction of COOL SEERSUCKER S/S SHIRT from 20SS comm. arch. Men’s.

We used the seersucker fabrics in tricot for 18SS and 19SS but the woven seersucker for 20SS.

ポリエステル74%、コットン26%で、comm. arch. アイテムの中では珍しく化繊が多いアイテムで、この混率はスポーツウェアに近く、真夏用のアイテムです。

comm. arch. の春夏はコットンやリネンのアイテムも多いですが、ここ数年、酷暑の真夏だと汗を吸って不快になることが多いです。洗っても匂いが落ちないことも多いです。


The material composition is 74% polyester and 26% cotton, which is rare for comm. arch. items. This composition is often seen in sport gears and summer items.


The reason why we set this composition is because the temperature and the humidity of summer in Japan. We tend to use a lot of luxury cotton and linen but even those material make us uncomfortable on your sweaty skins.



This seersucker fabric is exceptionally light and because of the unevenness surface, it does not get stuck on your sweaty skins. Besides that, it gets dried so quickly. You wash it at night, and it will be dried by the next morn




We put some of our original commitments in the shirt as well.

As you see in this photo, basically we use 2 different kinds of fabrics, one is the seersucker and the other is in the similar colour but has a smooth surface.



For the flaps, we used another colour for the back side but put a little bit to the front as a little bit of accent.

また袖口は、comm. arch. のパンツの裾にも多用する仕様で、写真では折っている部分を「別付け」にしています。これは、ひと折りした時に、パキッとキレイに折ることができる仕様です。(店頭で商品を触ってご確認頂きたいです。。。)


On the sleeve hem, the folded bit is the same specification of our trousers’ hem, which is sewn separately from legs. It makes look exceptionally clean when you folded as the photo shows.

(Please check it our at our stockists! )

こんな感じで、comm. arch. が得意な、重箱の隅を突っつくような仕様がたくさん入った、COOL SEERSUCKER S/S SHIRTです。大型連休明け、夏のような気温になったので、私は毎日着ておりますが、かなりオススメです!


This short sleeve shirt has a lot of small bits which we are good at.

After GW, the temperature has gone up so I am wearing this shirt every day and strongly recommend you.

色は3色展開で、左から、SKINS(ベージ)、DEEP FOREST(カーキ)、DEEP OCEAN(ネイビー) です。




3 colours available, from left; SKINS, DEEP FOREST and DEEP OCEAN.


Please try them on at our stockists!