Hand Framed Co. Linen C/D

2020SS comm. arch. Men’s から、前出のプルオーバーと同素材のHAND FRAMED CO. LINEN C/D のご紹介です。フレンチリネンにコットンを混紡した、サマーニットです。SSニットでは一番ご好評を頂いております。


This is the introduction of HAND FRAMED CO. LINEN C/D from 2020SS comm. arch. Men’s. The material is mainly the French linen mixed with a cotton.



This item is made by the hand frame knitters who only work on this machine in northern Japan. Actually, they had a huge and cruel damage after the typhoon last year but have been trying to recover. This item is the very 1st delivery for us after the disaster.




Usually the cardigans have a tape called “a placket” which is about 3cm width and buttons are sewn on it. However, we did not make a placket and knitted the body and the centre front all in one which makes the garment look very neat and clean.

Besides that, buttons are made from the pearl oysters but sewn the wrong side up which is very matt. The matt side looks like a pottery and has some kind of a profound feeling.



Talking about the stitches, we used the knit side and the purl side together, like a crazy pattern.

You can see the body is the knit side and the pocket is the purl side in the photo.




4 colours available in very spring like colours.

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