Knitted Polo in Moss Stitch

comm. arch. 20SS Men’s から隠れた名品、KNITTED POLO IN MOSS STITCH のご紹介です。2017SSから継続して展開している半袖ニットポロです。


Here is the introduction of KNITTED POLO IN MOSS STITCH from 20SS comm. arch. Men’s. We have been making this style from 2017SS.



素材は、シーツなどにも使用される高級インド綿を、国内でコンパクトスピンで(シルキーな光沢感がありながら、毛羽を抑えられる特徴があります。) 紡績された強撚糸です。


一見、なんてこと無いニットポロなのですが、comm. arch. の数あるアイテムの中でも、細部の仕様にとてもこだわった一型です。私的には、隠れた名品です。


The material is the Indian cotton with super long fiber which usually is used for bedding sheets etc. This material is hardly spun with a silk like surface in Japan.

Then we made a knitted polo on 16GG knitting machine which is rarely seen in Japan.

At a first look, this knitted polo does not look like special but we put a lot of small gimmicks in this item.



身頃は、「鹿の子編み」という、一般的にニットポロ、カットソーポロの生地で使用される、表面がポコポコした編み地。それと相反しながらも、過度になりすぎない、ミラノリブ編みのポケットを付けました。編み地が違いながらも目立ちすぎない、このさじ加減がcomm. arch. が得意とするところです。


Firstly, the pocket, which is easy to find.

The stitch of the body is “moss stitch” which is usually used for knitted or cut & sewn polo but the pocket is different stich, “milan rib”. Those 2 stitches are totally different but beautifully match. This kind of technique is mixture but not too much is what we are good at.




Personally, I like this collar the most.

Ofcourse its shape is good but the collar band and the collar are knitted in one piece of fabric in fully fashioned. It is very rare to find the knitted machine for making this kind of collar but besides that, the collar band is knitted in the milan rib stitch to make stand straight.

(hope you can see in this photo…)



To make this kind of collar, we need super skillful knitter and a very rare knitting machine.



The sleeve rib and the body hem rib are looked like attached but actually they are knitted all in one piece. Changing the stitch after the rib, we added a little bit of a design accent making look attached afterwards.






Those ribs are quite different to the ordinary ones.

Basically, the rib in super high gauge knitwear is very thin so it stretches a lot more than chunky knitwear ribs and make the hen width very narrow which we do not like.

To make the width stay, we change the stich on the backside of ribs.

Besides that, we change the stitch of the edges of the slit not to make them rolled.






Again, we started this knitted polo style in 2017 but 2020SS is the last season.

We will be bring something more special in 2021SS so please look forward to it!