Linen Canvas Trousers

20SS comm. arch. Men’s より、LINEN CANVAS TROUSERSのご紹介です。



This is the introduction of LINEN CANVAS TROUSERS from 20SS comm. arch. Men’s.

The jacket in the same fabric, LINEN CANVAS JACKT has already been introduced before.



The material is called “Première Linen” which is part of Belgium linen but selected very carefully. Then, we asked our weaver based in Fujiyoshida and they woven this fabric on the very old and narrow looms.



After they wove the fabric, washed very carefully a couple of times so the thickness and its beautiful glaze remain but is very soft.



The pair of trouser in the photo is brand new but already has beautiful creases which are the special character of this item.


フロントはファスナー仕様で、ウエストには内掛ボタンを付けているので、着用時に前中心がぐらつきません。見返しの端に細くパイピング処理をするなど、comm. arch. ならではの細かい仕様が目に留まります。


It has a fastener on front and the second button so the centre line stays well.

Besides that, the front facing has a piping on the edge. Those small details are seen often on comm. arch. items.

comm. arch. のパンツは、裾の仕様も特徴があります。



Those trousers have a special instruction of the hems as well.

The part rolled up in the photo are attached on the legs afterwards, therefore when you actually roll up once like the photo, it looks very clean and tidy… so challenging to explain about this hem so please check out at our stockists!



3 colours available, from left: CHINO, MUD BROWN and DEEP OCEAN.

既出の同素材、LINEN CANVAS JACKETもどうぞよろしく。


Please check out the LINEN CANVAS JACKET in the same fabric, which has already been introduced in the past!