Milan Rib One Piece / Milan Rib Selvedge S/S

20SS comm. arch. Women’s から Milan Rib One PieceとMilan Rib Selvedge S/Sのご紹介です。



This is the introduction of MILAN RIB ONE PIECE and MILAN RIB SELVEDGE S/S from 20SS comm. arch. Women’s.

It seems to be summer items so feels a little bit early for now but we only have got a couple of pieces left here so been in a harry to introduce these items.



The material is called Giza cotton, which is originally from Egypt and very well known as one of the best cottons in the world. It has very elegant luster on the surface which luxury cottons have.




The fabric is called MILAN RIB, which is mainly used for knitwear jackets.

Therefore it looks very neat and clean rather than casual what we call “knitwear”.



All the edges are seamless as the photos and it is the way only knitting manufacture can do but not cut & sew items.



This one piece has got pockets on both side and the pocket itself is actually knitted in the same yarn. If you put your hand in the pocket, it feels very fluffy.



There are some Men’s items in this Milan Rib fabrics but Women’s ones are thinner than Men’s. Therefore those items look less casual.


Milan Rib One Piece (ワンピース)、Milan Rib Selvedge S/S (半袖プルオーバー)の2型、3色の展開です。

Burnt Peach

Silver Mint

Deep Ocean


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