Bitter & Sweet Memory

comm. arch. 取扱店さんにご依頼頂いた、別注手編みニットの解説資料を作成している時に、とても古い編み地が出てきたので写真を撮りました。


思い返せばこの編み地、comm. arch. を始めると決意した2013年の春頃に、一番初めに試編みした編み地です。







ちなみに、使用している糸は、ロンドンのHAND WEARVERS STUDIOという糸屋さんから買い、日本に本帰国するときに荷物に紛れ込んでいたものを使いました。HAND WEAVERS STUDIOは、天秤におもりを載せて原始的に糸を量り売りをする、当時でも珍しいお店。電車とバスを乗り継いで通っていたことを思い出します。





I found a very old hand knitted swatch at work so I took a photo of that.


I hand knitted this swatch in spring of 2013 right after I decided to start my own brand, comm. arch. .

I was totally not sure if anyone would place their orders with me or even I could feed myself so I was very nervous and was sweating on my hands such a lot as knitting.

I am sure this swatch has absorbed more than enough sweat of mine for the DNA exam (!).

I contacted to hand knitters and knitting manufactures across Japan beforehand and visited them but they turned down for their own reasons… I totally disappointed and could not move outside the factory. I remembered those old memories as seeing this old knitting swatch.


I should not forget this kind of feelings I had at the begging of my brand, so I uploaded this photo for a memorandum.

The yarn I used for this swatch is ones I bought from the yarn store called HAND WEAVERS STUDION in London.

When I moved back to Japan, somehow I put those yarns in my bag.  I used those left overs to make the very 1st knitting swach.

HAND WEARVERS STUDIO sells yarn by putting weighs on the scale, which is very rare even in the time I was in London. I went to the shop a lot by subway and buses a lot of times.


Sweet memories!!