Thank you for all your supports in 2020

2020年も、comm. arch. をご愛顧頂いた取扱店の皆様、お店へご来店頂き、袖を通して頂いたお客様、そしてcomm. arch. ONLINE STORE をご利用頂いた皆様、ほんとうにありがとうございました。






comm. arch. は、2021SS、AWに向けてガンガンふかしております。


comm. arch. ONLINE STOREも、年末年始は無休です(!!)





We would like to thank you all for your supports in 2020, especially under this horrible disaster, Covid 19. Thank you so much.


All of us could not see what is happening and will happen in this world this year but finally we will see the end of this year although Covid 19 still has not gone yet.


We hope that this tragedy ends very soon and we will get back a lot of happiness in 2021.


On the last day of 2020 and the bigging of 2021, a lot of place will be freezing and a lot of snow so please take care and warm yourself up.


The comm. arch. ONLINE STORE will be open all days! Please check it out.!!!