Hand Framed High Neck P/O

19AW comm. arch. Women’s から、Hand Framed High Neck P/O のご紹介です。

comm. arch. をチェックして頂いている方でしたら、言わずと知れたド定番型になります。



Here is the introduction of HAND FRAMED HIGH NECK P/O from 19AW comm. arch. Women’s. If you check us often, you would know that this is the most popular regular item of ours.





Basically, this item started with Men’s pull-over and we re styled into Women’s.

This item was made by hand knitters who are located in northern Japan, and very precious Japanese artisans.

The material is from Geelong area in Australia and it is called “Super extra fine lamb’s wool”.

Ofcouse it does not irritate your skin at all but the most surprising think is that you can wash in the washing machine at home.



This is knitted very tight by hand so washing does not effect at all, which is very useful in winter.

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