Hand Framed Lily C/D

20SS comm. arch. Women’s から、HAND FRAMED LILY C/Dのご紹介です。

This is the introduction of HAND FRAMED LILY C/D from the 20SS comm. arch. Women’s line.



Firstly, we need to mention that this item was made by hand frame knitters who suffered from the devastating damage after the huge typhoon last year.

It will still take some more time to get them back to their usual life and work but they somehow made this item for us. They have been trying to get up again.



The yarn is a chunky tape yarn which is mercerized and knitted on the 5GG hand frame knitting machine. The yarn is mercerized so its surface is slightly gloss and feels quite silky.

You can put it on a short-sleeved t-shirt and will feel very comfortable.


The buttons are very rare white horn buttons. They look like pottery with so much elegance and a profound feeling at the same time. Therefore they are suitable to tightly made knitwear.


You can heavily use until the end of the rainy season.

Please try them on at our stockist!