Hand Knitted Chunky P/O for olga

兵庫県芦屋の名店、olga ( ) の別注ニット、Hand Knitted Chunky P/Oのご紹介です。


特にOLIVEの色は、comm. arch. で過去に製作したことのない色味なので、とても新鮮。




We made a collaborated style with One of the most famous stores in Japan, “olga” ( ) in Ashiya city, Hyogo pre., which is named HAND KNTTED CHUNKY P/O.

The style is the very precious hand knitted pull over made in Japan with the owner’s very sharp sensitivity in it.

Especially colour, OLIVE is very unusual and we have never used in our collection in the past, therefore, so new and fresh to us.

Their beautiful pictures are shown on their Instagram so please check them out!